Hello my name is Erik Timmermans. I was born in 1959 in the Netherlands.

I am very thankful to be raised in a Christian home with 8 siblings by very loving parents.​

My early teen years were exciting but somewhat rebellious and I had to change schools because I was an instigator for mischief to other kids. 

In my late teens I found that the Lord Jesus was the One who would fill the emptiness in my heart and give purpose to my existence. It was my parents wish when I was born that one day I would conscientiously join the many who would celebrate God's praises. This is the most important thing in life wrote my mother in a dairy she kept for each of her children. That prayer got answered!​

I immigrated to Canada in 1981 to join my brother in the landscaping business that he had started a few years prior. Ten years later I married my lovely wife Sandy and we have two lovely daughters. Some years ago I sold my shares in the business as I went through a personal crisis. Looking back now I can see that the Lord Jesus is my strength and peace and not my "own faith"! He is the author and finisher of our faith. Through Him I now have a greater peace and happiness than before, resting on the finished work of Christ.​

I freelance now in the nursery and landscaping business and reach out with the gospel whenever I can. I would like to give praise to God who saved me.

“For consider your calling brethren that there are not many wise according to the flesh not many powerful not many highborn. But God has chosen the foolish things of the world.......and the weak things of the world....... so no flesh should boast before God. But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who has been made to us the wisdom of God and righteousness, and holiness and redemption that according as it is written. He that boasts let him boast in the Lord”. 1 Corinthians 1:26-31